'Full Bloom'


Born in UK, 1981

1999-2002 Studied at the Norwich University of the Arts, UK.

I graduated from the Norwich University of the Arts with a 2:1 BA (Hons) in Textile Design and subsequently exhibited work at the New Designers show in London where I sold my first design collection.

Having worked as a graphic designer / photographic retoucher, I soon pursued my passion for surface pattern designing, creating womenswear prints for a New York agency. Wanting to obtain further experience and diversify into other commercial contexts, I contacted Holly Harman of 'Wine Label Design' based in California, USA where I was given the opportunity to assist with some design and publishing projects.

More recently I have taken the Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design Module 1 - Designing your Way & Module 2 - Creating Your Professional Identity. I feel these courses have loosened up my work as I wanted to focus more on the hand drawn style.


For job related enquiries such as licensing, fashion / textile, stationery and custom based work, please contact me at the e-mail address below.  I am always looking for new opportunities to work with manufacturers and retailers in particular and also welcome private commissions.

I am looking to explore other commercial opportunities where I can design for the following markets: ceramics, creative glass, fashion, stationery, interior design, canvas art, album artwork, packaging...Please get in touch if you would like to collaborate on a project.

My Technique

It was when I was a student that 'drawing' was emphasised as being so important in the design process. At the time I was unaware just how much. It was only once I had graduated that I discovered my own style and method of working. Drawing is the most important part of the design process...and it is about having fun and letting your personality come out in your work.

The Module 1 ABSPD course has really helped me progress my drawing and even find myself drawing in hot liquid wax. I also use my sewing machine to stitch over drawings, which  I then scan  back into CAD where I build up further layers! So much information absorbed from module 2...now looking forward to  Module 3.

I feel that this was exactly the course I needed to loosen up my style of work and to add interest and depth at the same time.


I work in many mediums and I often like to cross boundaries so that I can push an idea to its the full potential.

The end product could appeal to many commercial contexts - so if you have a product, but you are trying to find the right pattern or design to compiment it - just get in touch and I will be happy to collaborate with you.

'Woodland Walk'

One of the first designs created on the Module 1 - ABSPD course.

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